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Re: Dusk shadow armour

The fact there was no grinding or camping just a requirement to log each day and have a group of similar level is what I actually liked about these quests.
The only fault I would say with these quests is that the armour was only good for casters.

Re: Dusk shadow armour

That sucks.
There is more than enough grinding involved in this game. I liked the fact you just had to kill mobs each day to get these sets.
I asked a while ago if otm could introduce similar armours for non focus based classes along the same quest path.
Shame :(

Re: Ipod 4 updates??

I use an iPhone 4, iPad 1 as well as upto date devices.
I haven't had any issues as long as I turn all graphic options down.

I have more issues using my iPhone 5 as this is where texts and emails come and the game restarts on each notification.

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