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Re: Update Tomorrow 2/2/15

All you guys having issues have you turned down all graphics options, cleared open apps and reset device after installing? Had a good try with grouping, arena and lots of people in the same area. It's a little laggie but I didn't get 1 crash. It is running about 1-1.5 seconds behind ther devices. G...

Re: Update Tomorrow 2/2/15

Well done otm. I can now log in and play on my ipad1, I need to have all graphics set to minimum as expected (same as I have been using on iPhone 4). I can play, fast travel and fight mobs, I will be doing some group testing later today to check if this can work reliably. I did try to join a Alan ra...

Re: Help???

I always level wepon ability on the druids next to portal in sv. If you pick up a few (all) the mobs there and use a Noob axe and no damage gear you will also level your defence abilitys.

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