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Homework x.x

I have geometry honors for 9th grade and oh godddd what a pain. I don't get most of it. So.... I need some help. It says that I need to find the side lengths of each triangle. But I'm only asking you guys to kinda teach me how because my teacher thinks that we remember everything from algebra. Ok so...

Re: Your dumbest momment!

Does it have to relate to Celtic Heroes? If no, I was at the gym one time and started messing around so I got on a treadmill.. I put it at top speed and tried it out, take a guess at what happens next. If yes, I was hanging out w a friend in ch just chilling killing mobs, then he asked me, "Wan...

Re: Unbelievable

Alphachicken wrote:
Chelseam2 wrote:i tottally agree,alpha is a troll but irl he prob isnt cuz someone wd beat his ass. i def could.-senior blackbelt and would

Lmao. Irl i wrestle varsity and am a 2nd degree black belt… sooo…

I'm wrestle varsity too :D got 1st in our City of Lights tournament (offtopic)

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