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Re: Selling

oh no haha I'm only level like 6 in the game, I transferred over and i got those high level items in the transfer, I'm looking for an ancient weapon from the stonevale shop, ign is ImaginAZN or Illuminaughty


Selling Golden shrink charm offer, may not sell but I will sell for a good offer 80% mount, have a buyer for 350k or swap for stuff Buying dbl attack rings ancient battle axe flint battle axe or ow lvl 60 discontinued axe or one handed hammers Master's grim Hallowed 60% wings Mail DarkBandit or Sphy...

Re: rubik's cubes

I can solve the original ones, it's not very hard, took me like two days :) you just gotta find a pattern, it's not very hard, keep practicing and you'll get it

Transfer from Rhiannon

I've had no luck in Lugh or Arawn, would anyone like to transfer about 1 million in lux from Rhiannon? If you're trusted, I'll go first, or we could do one item at a time, pm me for details.

World Transfer

I'm trying to transfer from Rhiannon to here. I tried Lugh but no luck so hopefully I can find someone here. Overall it's about a mil, pm me for more details and a more accurate estimate of the amount.

I go first if you're trusted or else we use a middle man.

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