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Re: The Focus Plateau

I agree with Elim, I'm confused on what your talking about. To my knowledge there is no focus plateau. If u want to see a plateau play a melee. I rehabbed last night. First 100 str gave me like 70-80 a hit Second 100 str gave 30-40 a hit and 46 dmg (I believe) Third 100 gave me maybe 20-30 a hit and...

Re: Explosive Arrow - worth it?

It's slightly less dmg than sharp shot but like at least double the energy consumption and the same cast time as barbed or longshot. I'm torn between but I solo a decent amount so having 2 mobs for me isn't the best but for u I'd take it.

Re: Rangers Post Update 4

Rangers from the start already get screwed. You play full str u get decent dmg however your skill dmg and heals suck due to lack of dex. Now you go vice versa and go full dex your gonna do pretty good skill dmg but auto like crap. If u split and do a hybrid like I am I get to enjoy decent autos and ...

Re: Rangers Post Update 4

You see I don't understand why people say its only useful maxed or not used... It essentially is as equal the entire way thru. As you can see every 5 seconds added on or about 8 skill points will gain you 1 extra attack in each 1 minute period. To me this a "toss the extra points in" skill...

Rangers Post Update 4

Ok first is like to start by saying if u can't offer factual evidence or an idea please dont respond to this thread. This is not a whining thread. First thing since update I noticed and I'm sure all rangers have is the change to rapid fire well I have here numbers based on a 30% haste glove/ring ran...

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