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Re: Necromancer

Those 3 toons would have put u over most likely but where those joined im sure you would have some other toons. Curious im sure u have max expose and smoke rupture etc? Are u running in and out or staying in?

Re: Necromancer

MolonLabe wrote:
SoulRanger wrote:
LeGenDzZ wrote:Not slayed in Gwydion yet, the reason being the lack of rangers and druids.

Druids i can see but rangers mean nothing to necro.


Currently killed the most out of every server so option A.

Re: Necromancer

Lugh has tried to kill several times. We have a solid strategy. Our main problems seem to be getting enough people on at once, and we seem to have a some difficulty with coordination/execution. We just need practice is my assessment. Practice does help with this some and most definately coordinatio...

Re: Necromancer

I was planning to create a new post for this but this should be ok. What is it that other servers are struggling with? Incorrect strategy? Lack of dps? Can't tank? Lack of 40 ppl? Really curious as to this bcuz since introduction of necro our kills have gone from 21 tops to at most with low ppl on 1...

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