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Re: Rogue Proteus Kills

No rogue kills on Danu. All been ranger. We have a ranger that attends most fights and gets it every time. If he isn't there, its a different ranger. One of our most powerful rogues ran away from most Rotor Blade Aoe by running to the stairs. He tried his hardest but had no luck on getting kill. It'...

Re: Lix at 225?

I'm only 223 but I kill at roughly same speed. Although I don't have shadow necral decay which would be badass. I only lvl on the sentinels though. I hate killing the steelsouls. I also found that the ShadowWatch Vanquisers in the square formation before Gelebron room are good. They use a protective...

Re: Best tower build for leveling?

If I was Dex I would use Str axe offhands. Or u can further increase ur Dex with the haste dagger offhands. The green pierce/poison dmg dagger offhand is best for full Str. The more Str you have the more u can multiply that pierce dmg. I've only been Dex for big ss hits and support expose/smoke for ...

Re: It's all over

*heavy breathing*
Let me catch my breath.
I may have died if not for that 1 full stop.

We all know this is bs. Nothing new from rg. But I ain't gonna turn down a party. I'll be there Ent

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