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Halloween Armour Quest

Hey all, i'm at school atm and feel like i'm missing out on the event heaps :( I got 8 mins in of play time this morning but i have been scouting forums and what I have seen is a armour quest thing , like one piece per day or something. Can someone please tell me the level requirement for the quest ...

Re: Money Making?

twinbazzer99 wrote:damn. they just trying to make us but plat :(

Lol u finnally realized this? I guess it's ok because we dont have to pay for game to start up and we don't have to pay per month so they have to make money somehow, but yes they r trying to make us buy plat.

Selling rare items :)

Hey all i'm selling some cool and rare gear. I am selling 8 kinds of wolf helms , for the 50 resist ones i am selling for 7k and for the 75 resist i am selling for 10k. I am selling a witches hat for 11k A pumpkin head for 10k I am selling a sled for 25 - 28k I am selling 3 yulestaves for 5k And i a...

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