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Re: I can't wait to play!!!

Well the patch started late last night for me. Rather than whine about how long it would take on the forums, I did some other things (read a little, checked email, studied a bit for a licensing course I am taking, listened to some music) and then went to bed. Quite relaxing, and I woke up completel...

Re: Halloween Armour Quest

Its pretty lame. You get to kill one boss per day for a quest item. Once you get enough quest items then you can turn them in for a piece of armour. There is only one boss that is not quest related and its level 140 and surrounded by level 130 adds. So far the general consensus is get back to level...

Admin i'm trying to help you stop the halloween hate.

Hey admin and OTM, I understand that you are dealing with alot of issues and hate. I am going to try and solve this problem, the same kind of hate happened last year but mainly aimed at the prices. Ok so here is my current feedback on the event, i havent played it much but i have looked at the shops...

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