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Re: Selling Broom of Doom 2 Mil :D

Broom of Doom -Crushing Damage: 55 -Speed: +50% -Health: 150 -Energy: 150 -Cost: 2 mil Divine Broom of Embers -Slashing Damage: 25 -Heat Damage: 50 -Speed: + 75% -Camouflage: +50% -Health Regeneration: 40 per tick -Energy Regeneration: 40 per tick -Cost: 1 mil You obviously don't understand value.....

Selling Broom of Doom 2 Mil :D

Hey all i've finnally decided to sell my broom of doom for 2 Mil, do not bother lecturing me about how the value has droped because admin brought brooms back again and i dont care about the value drop ;) 2 mil is my final price, i might take some items to drop the gold price, reply to this topic or ...

Re: Scammers of Danu

AngrySavage wrote:-- Colbyboy999
-- Lawsdog999

Lol i will agree with the colby is a scammer part idk bout laws anymore, but that moment when colby whispers to me that he never ever scammed!!!!!! ROFL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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