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Re: Selling Avalanche Sled

Guffy wrote:
Guffy wrote:
Bronco wrote:Hi guys! Im Dogma and im a douche so i want to try to bully lone without knowing his past or anything about him at all! yay! :D

Honestly knowing his past would make you wana bully him..

Just wanted to say, not that I have issues now, we are cool, just bad past.


Re: Selling Avalanche Sled

ryanikey wrote:hey Lone its Dark i would be interested if i had the money (just got scammed) but maybe i could give you some items i have a heap of batmasks 4 snowman head 3 santas hat some poions and a broom

Hey ryan :)

Re: Selling Avalanche Sled

Guffy wrote:Unfortunately Ava Sled has not held any kind of collector value yet just to let you know. Feel free to try to get whatever price you wish though, was just letting you know.

Okay thanks :)

Selling Avalanche Sled

Hey all i'm selling the best sled , the avalanche sled :)
It's rare so i'm selling for 400 - 450k

Feel free to offer some money and some items, i'm not restricting just to gold :)

Regards Lone :P

Re: Selling Broom of Doom 2 Mil :D

to be honest why would any class besides a druid buy the 1mil broom. its cool to have but i mean the only use full thing is camo coz what is the point of the regen the only time i need regen is when i fight idk about you guys but when i fight im off my broom anyway :lol: Lol yer everyone jumps off ...

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