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Re: Snorri Change Poll

Otm should make alternate verses of carrowmore bosses like they have in otherworld. Example like a lvl 190 snorri that drops 4 or 5 dl items instead of 3. Maybe with a better chance of 3 crowns. Maybe with cloak or something to make it a pain in the butt to kill. Would fine this more suitable.

Re: Snorri Change Poll

This post is sad, starting to show how lazy people are. Otm already said countless times they are working on something. Snorri should stay the same. This Game is not made to be cake walk so these post are just annoying to be honest.

Re: 12th Proteus Base in a row

Not everyone wants to zerg hardcore but as long as there are nubs that are willing to, there wont be any changes for the better +1 DG has higher dps, but you can't dps when you're dead. But isn't the point of having high Dex is to have high defense as well? So less chance of getting hit? I can see ...

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