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Re: Does the cast time of Sunshard fury negate the damage ga

Well actually the topic was specifically about the skill on the amulet, and whether or not any damage was actually gained from it due to the cast time. This only really applies to high levels. After careful consideration and research i have concluded that damage is indeed gained from using the skil...

Re: a lux item

Poverty brace, get a real brace dont ever post your poverty items on these forums, im seriously bro....and by bro i mean never my bro.

Re: Frozen or BeastBone?

Beastbone is much cheaper, frozen is **** in a bucket. However the anc beastbone body is a waste of money seeing as grands can go for 10-30k each, totally not worth +400 assassinate damage and a few points to your health/energy. Let's face it that 150 health wont even save you for an extra hit. Use...

Re: Why haste?

You do not need the reflex and lifesteal ring for raid bosses, swap it out for a reaper ring or better yet, a focus ring, concentration is key.

Re: I go str?

With all points in focus you can concentrate on enemies to such an extent that their heads explode. No amount of points in str can compete with that.

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