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Re: The tempest

Hi, Zap. I too appreciate your view, chap, and share in part of it, even as I would seem to share in some similar experiences as well (as, indeed, many I should think do). Naturally there are times when a person is stirred to stand against certain things which they are exposed to, as I perhaps poorl...

Re: The tempest

One thing you may find somewhat cathartic and liberating is to try and subtly alter the manner in which you might view a person that you would otherwise fall into conflict with. I often like to muse that if it  so happens that each of us is assigned a single great adversary in life, and that we are ...

Re: The tempest

Thank you, Zapper. If the post brings even a modicum of comfort, and when weighed against the opposite, then it should have been well worth the writing. I do not currently have any toons on Morrigan, however, and neither do I ever mean to play here (or anywhere outside the confines of my own server,...

The tempest

It has oft times been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and there have certainly been some examples of this on the Isle of Morrigan / Sycorax of late. Hopefully here though, as with the play from which this post draws it's title, the storm shall pass and ultimately turn to go...

Re: Level cap

An alliance system I think would be a great implementation, and in addition to alliance chat between clans I would also consider colour coded dots next to names on group requests (I.E. green dot for clanmate, blue dot for alliance member, red dot for rival clans and no dot for clanless). This would ...

Re: Ruminations on Competition

To my mind this is an excellent topic, raising some very valid points, and I'm somewhat baffled as to exactly why it has elicited such negative responses for most part. Although, perhaps ironically, they do go someway towards demonstrating a contributory factor regarding in-game conflict... That bei...

Re: Retired

Retirement from Celtic Heroes may not come with a gold pocket-watch, chap, but hopefully the time you gain will be every bit as golden.

Take care, bud

All the best,


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