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Re: Upcoming lux shop

The strength ammy is insane if it is as I think, its skill adds 150 crush damage for 15 seconds, if this damage is multiplied just as nornal crush damage I will be looking at 1.2k extra damage 1/4 of the time...

Re: Will new idols be enough?

Maybe to an extent but when i look at garanak, he one hit almost everyone so whether u res with full hp (usually 3k avg) or 1k, wont make a difference here, u can still throw bodies at the boss. Bosses who spam aoes is where zerging will be minimised (like the 190 wep boss) Depends on how clean the...

Re: Upcoming lux shop

Seen the lux item and mounts and they seem pretty mediocre. The 1m mount seems to make the yule freeze skimmer worthless. Same skill, more regen. Hopefully the lv200 boss will redeem the lux shop. Where is the link? The mount I saw only had only energy regen, no health regen. Are there different on...

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