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Re: All the bustle in Beleneus

As always elementals does not support ksing. The definition of a ks ranges from 'he blatantly came in and hit after me but got the kill' to 'gee whiz mom he looked at me funny!' As in a lot of social situations in life there are always a few hot heads who ruin the fun for everyone. I have yet to hea...

Re: Love for Alishia!

Thank you all so much!

Love this game....love belenus...love elementals...love all my friends and people I've had the privilege to meet since I started this game.

Re: Updates

It only seems like a joke because you are trying to speed through everything. Take your time and enjoy each part of the game. I'm so surprised to see all these 100+ players who have no wardens gear and don't even know where to find rockbelly. For those of us who have been in the game for awhile we n...

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