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Re: Belenus' Famous Five

Shoot has been a solid part of elementals for quite some time now. She has grinded long and hard to be the top leveled player in our world. Do we know who she really is? We don't take players dl or sin numbers before they start to play no. But if you play fair and are a positive part of our communit...

Female dragon armor

I haven't seen the bp yet on a female and am hoping it helps but the legs just make us look like we are carrying more than just extra metal! I have seen the ranger and rogue gear and they are pretty sexy looking. I'm not sure a warrior should look sexy but we don't look fierce either. Have any femal...

Re: Killian aggro

The Druid never threw calm on me so that's out. There is really something messed up if a Druid that much lower pulls aggro..this is killian..not a group kill. I think OT really does need to look at this. I know there are many threads about Druids pulling aggro in boss kills but here is an example wh...

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