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Proud of Naruto

A number of players have reached levels beyond 230 which is an amazing accomplishment. In Belenus I am happy to congratulate one of my fellow clan mates for getting not only his main toon, Naruto (ranger) but his Druid and Mage to 230 as well. Keep up the great work and thank you for all that you do!


Could Wulver or someone from OTM please confirm what happens when we upgrade from dl to edl? It could greatly effect how we proceed with new gear as a clan. Thanks in advance.

Belenus killed necro!!

I want to thank all of elementals for sticking with it and killing necro! We are a smaller server and got him with just our clan. I am so proud to call you all mentals as we fight side by side and kill the bad guys....CHEERS TO YOU ALL!!

Re: Feeling Old...

Congratulations Scorch!!
1000 levels is an amazing achievement and one most can only dream about (or have nightmares over)
I'm very proud of you and the whole army!


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