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Re: Otm

They can't remove the update because I think they ditched there old engine so there is no way at all to remove it. Rest assured it will be removed at the new update :)

Re: Price of these in YOUR world

Not looking to sell stuff or whatever, just curious what these things go for on other worlds or what you personally would pay for them: White/Black mask of lugh Black/White Yule hat Divine broom of any type Full black pirate set Radiant armour pieces(gloves, boots, bp, ammy etc) lugh: not sure but ...

Re: Question about the Engine.

I belive they said that because of certain apple restrictions they can't do stress tests on iOS and that thy said the engine is running and they need to iron out the kinks so there will be a very small personal beta on iOS but the android is the main beta test for both devices I heard

Re: Why all the hating?

All of this does not explain nukes sudden choice to kill every low level in arena trying to get quest done like my rogue who is level 92 and do you think he will even come close to killing her? No I'm sorry but it is true something has changed and it's for the worse

Re: list of good players of CROM

Nukie all the way. She has helped me more than you can imagine and has always been there to help me. If it wasnt for her my rouge would suck and still be lvl 110. Also one more is laurel. She is very nice a friendly to anyone and everyone who doesnt provoke her. Those are some of my favorite people...

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