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Buying a qaurts bow

I'm buying a qaurts bow. I know there rare atm so I'm offering up to 50k for one. Mail my char Creation (that's his exact name) if your willing to sell

Re: Accounts disabled

I'm gonna be honest with you. It really was not a good idea for OTM to ban all those accs because now there just putting more pressure on there selves to unban these accs. They now have hundreds of people calling in wanting there acc unbanned and so tons of people will not be able to play the game u...

Re: Account disabled?

I was one of those guys who got banned for with no warning and it's been 10 days since then. Yesterday I got an email asking for all the char names on the acc (seemed like a good idea) and then today I got another email saying that this is the 2nd time I've been banned for the nativeX glitch....even...

Re: Account disabled?

This really frustrates me. I have tried to be supportive through all the update. To find out people were banned for an exploit that was encouraged by the game (i saw the message over and over to get free plat as i logged in) is ridiculous. I personally do not have a banned account and I have not do...

Re: Account disabled?

Yeah I was banned aswell for nativeX. It's been a week already and they just sent an email for more info on the banned acc....now I prob have to wait another week for that to get through. And yes I do agree they should just just take it out if it's gonna be this much trouble. I wonder if they did na...

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