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Re: Comparing

Super Know elix - They were 3.5-4k but since the double plat have been only 3k ea.
Combo- since double plat 5-6k ea
idols- always 200g
Restos- 200g
Mind tabs- about 30k right now since update4, i bought mine for 100k ea :cry:

Re: Golden Offhands

since Godlden venom adds physical dmg and elemental, ( 20 pierce 30 venom) with your amount of strength it should be a bit better than trident since the higher your str, the more physical dmg gets multiplied. When i chagned to dps with 350 str, venom dagger adds 160+ dmg while trident adds a bit ove...

Re: Me and My Homies

Alphachicken wrote:Bloodlust. The two in the white nope. Guy on far right is a rogue for he is holding a dagger. And you said your a mage so middle one! Unless none of them are you :D

i dont see a dagger :?

Re: ?

Here's adamant longblade :)

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