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Cheap DPS Warrior Build Needed

I just got back after quitting for over 1 year and had nothing left except frozen armor. I did all my plat offers for 400k and am borrowing 50k from a friend. I am getting a rejuv and axe offhand with my money so I can farm efficiently. But I wont have anything left and I need a good dps build for 1...

Re: Clarificatian


jk you can keep them ._.

Oh sorry- never gave them back. Dont remember password to that clan bank acc but maybe sky remembers? Ask him xD.


I haven't played CH in a very long time. If someone is logged onto my account, it is not me. I just found out the email on the account was somehow changed, and the password is different. I will try to have my account deleted.

Re: 2011

i don't still play, and if i do its not me. But i do sometimes visit the forums. I started in December 2011 and my favorite memory was probably the Faerie Queen in front of the castle... i remember attacking it for the first time and dying. Also Killing the level 22 snowmen with a group :geek: My wo...

Re: Screen recording app

i Forgot which site i got mine from, but it had a bunch of downloadable cool things. i got a screen recorder called "record my screen" And a IOS gameboy :D
they both work I've tested it, non jail-broken device.

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