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Re: Medical Marijuana

Hi anti smoking guy here so i expect many to totally disagree with my opinion. Doesnt faze me what you think of my views :lol: My grandfather died of lung cancer and there is not a person in the world that can change my views on smoking any sort of substance. Recreational use should flat out not be ...

Re: Question to admins about Beta

Im only on page 5 of this $hit storm of a post and its all making me laugh. Id just like to say that there are players from all servers, players who play on ios, android and computers selected. There are ios servers involved, there are android servers involved and there are players who made forum ac...

Re: New skills + buffs

Rend needs absolutely no buffing. Its already incredibly strong. Fast reflex is a leveling skill and a great one at that. Needs nothing done to it.

Play dead would be cool to get a rework. Something like AoE skills wont affect you whilst play dead is active

Re: 225+ mobs?

Just making a post here the “what-if” scenario that the developers have mobs going up to lvl 225+ in the new area and the new boss would be 225+. (Along with 225+ bounties) It would definitely have a rejuvenation of members as everyone would rush to the new area to start lixing to get to 225, buyin...

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