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Re: build help

Thx for all the answers,,,but I still have no response yet to this : should i use giant swing or not??? If i do then I will need to buy sigils or something. Also to those wondering the event brace is just a temporary till I buy 150 energise bracelet (spirits i think???) I'm just using it for the bon...

Re: build help

Gear I have : ancient breastbone boots gloves and helm frozen body and legs
Bone spear and axe of conquest(150)

Re: build help

why arent you using rupture? you shouldnt be using a sword or spear imo axe/hammer much better until mordy spear Well,,,I'm on crom anyway so I won't be getting a mordors spear until about 4 updates away with seed having monopoly of Mordis hrung and what not. As well as this,,,my axe ability is at ...

build help

im level 150 warrior,,, my stats are : 890 str 415 vit 5 dex 10 vit My skills are : Pummel 39/35 swing 40/35 stance 49/35 shatter 15/35 and double attack 31/35 Jewlery : ammy of behemoth +3 vit spider charm bracelets : aggy str swing +6 rupture rings : haste ring + 6 and 5 pro stance obby rings and ...

Dex build

I was wondering what skills I should be using for a ded build ranger. I was thinking steady aim, sharpen weapons, bolas, and longshot or sharpshot. I am level 112 btw

Re: lvl 145 lvl help

I would get your health to around 3000 so that regen elixars are better used aswell as save up for the bone axe. This would make your damage better so that you can rebirth as get that extra health without really altering your auto damage.

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