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Re: Ward skills

Thanks :-) anyone know how much they are usually apparently they are cheap as most druids dont bother with these skills but I'm not sure? :-) Most druids don't use because our skill points are better in different places. They can give a slight boost at level 1 though. Personally i wouldn't bother t...

GhostLord's Guide to Druid Leveling

Hello fellow Druids! Some lower level druids have been asking for a guide, so i decided to make one. This guide is focused on levels 1-140 and is for DPS and hybrid druids(with a small support section) Hope it helps. :D The Rules of Druiding . When playing as a druid, whether it be leveling or bossi...

Re: Lux Setup Cost

My suggestion is use hero ammy and gloves if you want to be cost efficient, the rest is mostly just extra if you have the money(note, it will probably increase your leveling speed).

Re: New event

M7md1997 wrote:When is the new summer event coming? Because i started missing chest openers in 3 days.

It's in the final stage of testing, no one knows a specific date.

Re: Druid Guide Requests

Regenleif wrote:
GhostLord wrote:I may get around to writing a lower level guide, what kinda of builds are they looking for?

Lvling and hybrid/dps-based builds are the main requests, so anything for lvls 1-90 would be ideal.

Ok will do, I'll PM you a draft sometime tomorrow.

Re: 50k Bounty on Voidreaper

Ty Vultie :) yes seems from other posts that the reset is a gamble - sometimes its simple.. but sometimes your account is becomes simply broken! With that in mind, I placed the 50k bounty on Voidreaper. I was able to help many in Stonevale during my long stay :) and ultimately .... Voidreaper was l...

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