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Re: Dicing Against Tos

What would be the point of putting the dice function in game if it was not to be used as some sort of in game gambling. OTM would not have put it there and then stated that it was not to be used for gambling, as what else would u really use dice for? I believe it was intended as a way deciding who ...

Re: Community of Lugh?

Grant wrote:
Venus wrote:You're level 1 and you already found the forums AND know how to change your signature. You have a bright future.

Thanks :)

And he knows how to spell and has proper grammar, doubly bright future.

Re: Are Botters Even Punished?

I see botters everyday. Their always in the same place in carro, the troll pit at the end of the long tunnel. Their all extremely high lvls In full dl and the best fashion items in the game. All they do is sit there, they don't kill mobs yet they have the best gear. Does this happen in your world ;...

Re: so here I am!

Curry30423 wrote:I suck at druid :3 guess I'll do ranger... And volde I'm gonna keep an eye put for u :3

It's very hard to be bad at druid, all you have to do is press a button when someone's health isn't full...well that and alot of other things.

Re: Build advice

Hello! If you want a pure soloing build, then max vines, lightning, storm, and touch, as far as stats go, you need enough health to last through one mob, so that you can heal, put the rest in focus. Hope this helps! P.S. we have guides for these kinda of things, look in the lexicon at the top of the...

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