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Re: A Witch with A Nice Name

Pusfingers is not only a nice name but a suggestive name. Some may find it indecent and offensive with sexual connotation. This is my personal opinion. But then again if you are not dirty minded, it is just a name and do not read too much into it. just like smellyunder is a nice name. Can we get ba...

Re: Why do people hate main druids

What he says about druids not finding groups has been very true in my experience. Most of the leveling groups don't need druids, and the ones that need group members want rogues. Druids have a much harder time grouping up at higher levels. I think most of us have this problem, most people would pre...

Re: Celtic Heroes on Kindle?

Yes it is coming. We have to complete the release of all the zones on Android first and then we can run the completed game through the Amazon app checker. Hopefully this will be a reasonably quick process so the game should be available on Kindle shortly after the last zones are released. Are you n...

Re: New World

spacemod wrote:
TehGuyGaming wrote:I think that it would be awesome to have a couple new servers. I was really hoping for a server that was made for the Ladder.

I sound like a noob but what do you mean by that??

A world where theres no plat, it's basically designed so that everyone is on equal playing grounds.

Re: Game time! Corrupt a wish!

Granted, but the sun is smarter then u. I wish that i could actually see ppl with those faces :ugeek: :geek: :mrgreen: :twisted: :evil: :arrow: :idea: :?: :!: :shock: :o :oops: :roll: 8-) :( ;) :) :D :lol: :x :P :cry: :? , i think they would be funny Granted, but then you started laughing so hard t...

Re: Build advice

What Somber said about roots is true, it is a very good way of soloing at LOW levels. Something to note is that it will start costing you alot of energy and you'll need the extra dps that other skills provide.

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