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Re: Disappointed

At your lvl, i had 900-1k dmg so you're doing really good imo. And if the rogue's using a spear instead of dagger, he might have more damage but he loses the rogue's specialty, attack speed lol. I have 2928 dmg on my ranger atm and i know some rogues who use mordy spear who have 2.5-2.7k dmg.

Re: wondering best duo classes?

I got my second device when my ranger was already lvl180 so I didnt level my rogue and ranger together. I dont know if they're efficient in lvling together but are certainly efficient in almost evry other aspect. Rangers have complained alot that we are not best at anything, but that comes in handy ...

Re: Can Rangers Really Kill Mordris?

Well i dont know about any rogues in gwydion but i've got kills over every rogue in taranis on some boss at least once and almost all of them are crazy dps. Im always on haste, i always use double shot and most of fall, i never stay dead which is the case for most rogues cause of melee, not for mord...

Re: Decent 90+ auto build?

A lvl30 druid will have better dmg than tht with just average gear without lux. The point of this is 'decent 90+ auto build' so im gonna take that as u only want more dmg. Take points off dex and put all in str. Skills : Double shot, sharpen, steady aim, bolas and some other skill if you have the ex...

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