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Re: Idols and ancient idols

How has it limited? Does death penalty Nerf your damage or stat points or skill points? No? Then you can idol and kill the boss just as fast with or without less health firstly, have you even read this post? I dont understand how damage, stat points and skill points came into this conversation. Nex...

Re: Idols and ancient idols

Old idols were good enough for the game. But if otm still wanted to go through with these kind of idols what they should've done was make idols give 50-75% of the hp back. Giving 1k hp back was a stupid decision. Some people have more than 4k hp. Coming back with less than 1/4th hp is crap. Someone ...

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Here's mine. Everything except the name is my original and hasnt been copied from anywhere. I dont know if it has similarities to other posts since i've read only two entries. This is my first time, so bare with me. Here goes (See the pic before you read the description) Cerberus - The Lord of Destr...

Buying & selling

Looking to buy a 80%-85% wing mount from chests, 500k
140 Hp regen lixes, 1k ea
100 wisdom lixes, 500g ea
35 attk lixes, 1.5k ea (20k off of original price if buying all of any 2 lixes, 40k off if buying all of them)
Green glenmor top
Yellow glenmor top
Black glenmor crest

Re: Developer Update

Immortalius wrote:Excited but worried. Hope my 4th gen devices cope with this or its game over for me. Either way gj otm

Same for me. Ill not be getting a new device for a long time so hoping at least one my devices (4th gen phone and 3rd gen ipod) is compatible
Edit : oops, ipod is 4th gen too

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