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Re: Griefing

From what I’ve seen in the past, players who grief bosses using exploits can get banned (running through walls, etc).

If they’re doing standard griefing techniques (dragging adds, using longshot, stopping freeze), I don’t think there is a set punishment.

Re: Pureness to drop from tower bosses

Would just make them be farmed more often then, you’ve quit the game so ofc you wouldn’t farm them. Considering most EDL mains can be killed with only 3-5 toons I don’t believe being able to get pures from it is a good idea. Okay then, a few things: 1. You don't 100% know my situation with this gam...

Re: Pureness to drop from tower bosses

No, would just make Dom clans farm EDL bosses which then makes smaller clans stuck on DL for longer while Dom hoard even more edl drops that they don’t need. You're assuming these bosses are not farmed already. I'm pretty sure 205, 210 and 215 will be farmed for a long time by dom clans regardless,...

Re: Pureness to drop from tower bosses

I'm leaning more towards saying no for this. DG has always been the 'bonus' armour rather than the next armour set. I do hope in 2019 an update is released with it's next set of bosses for another armour set, a direct upgrade from EDL. Problem is, if this update takes too long, then the strongest cl...

Re: Getting Started

So which server should i choose, based on player base? P.S. I dont get it, why there is need for so many servers, on crom im lvl 9, maybe it was just the starting city but i saw only 1other player, so why not merge the servers? Welcome to Crom! :D (even if you don't choose to stay). Every server ha...

Re: Pegasus

I understand things can get heated between opposing clans (I’ve been part of a few similar arguments back in the day). Just do remember all it generally does is give the server itself a bad rep. Please keep the rest of this thread drama-free, considering it’s essentially a clan recruitment thread. T...

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