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Re: DoTs are so bad that if....

The problem is, would it be too op if there are 5-10 stacks of bees/vines on a boss at one time? Should there be diminishing damage for subsequent (Lower level) vines cast on a boss? Does this then transfer across to rogue dl/edl/cg offhand dots? Perhaps you could make it so that only the highest le...

Re: Hii Everyone

Hey mate, welcome to the game.

In terms of servers, I wouldn’t recommend Crom since there’s no competition (game is a lot more casual in the end game).

Best of luck in your decision.

Re: Cannot connect to server

Wouldn't consider this post 'quality of life' related. QoL implies interface changes, or better interactions with game mechanics. Lag and an inability to connect literally makes the game unplayable.

But yes, people in Crom have also had issues. Restart fixed it for a few of them.

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