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Re: Dragon Armor

Might as well make the armours customizable... Having +5 skills to 5 skills that you use is over-powered in my opinion.

Re: One elix = ?

Just some advice..... The New-Area-Mobs have much more health and much higher resists than the OW mobs. I find soloing in OW much better for Mages/Druids than in Carrow. Try leveling on Golems, I believe it will be much more satisfactory. Good thing about the new areas (especially boggans) is that ...

Re: Dragon Armor

What if you decide to switch from fire to ice? You need two sets of dragon? You would go back to the person you get it from and wish to exchange it. Haha i didn't think that far Tanks would ask to be able to choose between DPS and tank, and druids would ask to have the options to take support or dp...

Re: Health sigs?

400 hp sigils? Wow...

Talisman of the stars and dragon mount give a combined 100 hp regen inside and outside combat. That along with 100 or so hp sigils is more than enough for a mage to survive. I would prefer 100 hp and 800 energy, over 400 hp and 500 energy.

Re: Help with build

If you're running out of energy, that's a bad idea. Unless you are comfortable with visiting tavern every time you kill a group of mobs. If you're able to sustain energy, sounds great.

Re: Ice or Fire Mage?

I'm actually leaning towards a 1:2 ratio, since there seems to be less and less people around my level to train with. And hard to solo mage without the health.

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