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Re: Item Shop and Platinum

The date is still not certain but May1st is the latest. Also i may not be purchasing 4k platinum but 8k platinum. My main product i will be selling are idols which i will sell for 300gold each. Sorry for the wait but i do know the date is between April 28th and May 1st.

Re: Item Shop and Platinum

DaManBoss wrote:I BUY 500 k worth of plat items from you! JUST BE more active and i buy all (most) of what you have!

ok, i have not purchased yet, :( i will have them any date before date May 1st :D and i will post when i have the Platinum.hope you do buy 500k worth :)

Re: Item Shop and Platinum

i have concluded that i will buy lots of idols and little sk for myself to use. i will be selling the idols 300g each.i will post on the forums when i have purchased the idols and plan to buy 3,500+ of idols.Hope to see you buying idols soon. :D

Item Shop and Platinum

I am going to buy items with platinum to make a litle extra cash. if i bought idols i was going to be selling them abot 250g each or SK Elixir about 4k each. I was wondering which to buy or how many of each to buy. Please respond and give me you opinion. Thanks for reading and please buy lots of sk ...

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