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Re: Game time! Corrupt a wish!

pigman wrote:Granted, but the rain never stops and everyone dies

I wish for everyone in the world to die including myself and that my wish comes true before the next person can corrupt it

Granted but i come back as a ghost and make another post

I wish for a new ipad

Re: Game time! Corrupt a wish!

Zenerius wrote:
Popem111 wrote:Granted but you use it so much your brain explodes.

I wish for potatoes to speak Spanish.

Granted but potatoes aren't Spanish. They come from Idaho.

I wish that people had Mute buttons.

Granted but then someone hit your mute button

I wish for it to rain pennies

Re: Game time! Corrupt a wish!

Not my city! nooooooooooooooooooooooo Granted, ut its evil pizza and it eats you. I wish to be chased by a pack of hyenas, lions and angry pizzas(if my wish is so bad you can't corrupt it, it will have to turn into something really good right :D ?). Granted but then you trip over you untied shoe la...

Re: Not Cool

Ah c'mon guys is this even a serious attempt. If you want to take on soli then do so in game not like this. Now yes *Name Removed* can be hot tempered and swing opinions slightly but she would never say anything like this . I'm not even in soli and I can say anyone that goes against her for this fa...

Re: Not Cool

Orian wrote:I'm not calling it fake either but I'm saying that it is a possibility.

Being clanless rocks!!! :lol:

Re: Not Cool

Im not in soli im not against them and i still find it hard to believe that she said that. But im not calling it fake.

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