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Re: Since Kryptos left

SpiritHealer wrote:Everyone of you Arawnians are idiots, with the exception of Teaweasel, he's a neutral douche.

What! I am hurt! I'm an idiot? I thought we had something special! Im really hurt now! ;(

Re: My art :p

Godzilla wrote:y did u disable pm receipt?

ps: epic drawings they are just amazing, hard to believe u didnt take any lessons

nope didnt disable

Re: iOS 6 & iPhone 5

Open the pod bay doors.

Siri: Ok, but I'm not signing any petitons

Or:Thats a rather insensitive thing to say to an intelligent agent.

btw did you guys notice that if you say "good night" at 10 am, siri tells you its too early to go to bed.

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