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Re: My idea of a good build

Your dmg output will be low without lures. At your lvl I had something like 20/25 shield 25/25 fireball 25/25 incinerate 20/25 firestorm 15/25 lure of fire Though u have better dmg when u have 20/25 shield 25/25 fireball 25/25 shards 15/25 lure of ice 14:25 lure of fire If you use ice blade I'd def ...

Re: A want, not a need

- Druid have similar energy problems as mages, so they rnt alone - I totally agree that some skills new too many points. Imo lures and boost should have a max of 10 points instead of 30 (lvl 120+) - lvling solo until 125 is fine (until you hit golems). After that its not worth the xp. @Toni: Marco w...

Re: Patch today

Are you planning to keep the witch fashion in game? Cause it's kinda ridiculous to have Halloween fashion at Christmas.

I had hoped we'd get some christmas fashion though (beside hats). Like a long Christmas/winter coat, a scarf, a red-white dress, a Santa charm, elf charm etc.

Re: Superior Spellsword Builds

Is it the slashing dmg one? 2 handed? If yes, a clannie got one as a drop and is not lvling a mage lol. I'd suggest something like this: 30/30 eShield 24/30 soldier lure 30/30 fire lure 30/30 fire cloak 30/30 fireball (based on lvl 140). Reason: you want as little casting as possible so you actually...

Re: SNOW!!!!!!

SpiritHealer wrote:
Evasive wrote:+1 we have snowballs but now snow..... :-/

Yea I kinda was hyped about new lirs being covered in snow, only to find out its not.

Ikr! Me too.

Not sure why we still have witch fashion either....

Re: Retribution - The "best" clan on Celtic Heroes (Sulis)

I've moved this in the appropriate area. So as I understand it you guys try to mess up each others fights and doesn't seem to be like something either of you have fun with. I'd suggest making some boss guidelines, maybe merged groups? We are working together well on Arawn for the most part. Neverthe...

Re: The Arawn Awards

Doll wrote:
Liltermite wrote:Drama Drag Queen for 2012 goes to?


I believe Model and Krypto are the same person.

I'm pretty sure they aren't.

Re: Arawn Pants Party

Your renaissance is ending in the graveyard. Locked.

Btw if u keep trying to up your post count by spamming long gone topics I'll run after you and delete your comments.

Re: Im sorry


I know what it's like to see a good clan die. I hope that you will find a new home soon.

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