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Re: Android/iOS Servers

Hey Jake ;)

Ah what a shame, really.. Someone I played with way back when messaged me yesterday. I'd really love to continue, but since I don't own any iOS devices anymore i would have to start over and that's not an option. :(

Android/iOS Servers

Hey guys! Im back! Wondering if there are still ppl who remember me. God,its been ages... like over a year? Anyways, i have this one question... will ios and android servers merge in the future? Cause i really got excited about ch coming to android until i realized that i couldn't play my 100+ € wor...

Re: Soo...

Disagree. Druids are the ones doing Magic dmg, Mages do fire/ice. A new skill (esp just ONE skill) that involves maxing a whole different lure... no thank you!

And james, you seem to have never played at DPS druid, because they can do GREAT dmg with the right setup.

Re: New Druid Skills

I really like the shapeshifting idea. :) It would be cool to have some skills that only work while in a shapeshifting form too. :) In tree form, you shouldnt be able to move though, dmg skill get cut down by 70% and healing skills increased by, say, 30%. Healing skills should also cast faster. Armor...

DPS Druid Ideas

Hey guys, I realize that this is more of a Suggestion, but i wanted to post it here before going to the suggestion forums. So, I've been going with a DPS build for lvling (Max vines, lightning, storm, 15 pts in bark and embrace, 10 pts in wind, 5 pts in Touch). The problem is, of course, energy cons...

Re: Message to all otm and beta testers.

After all, warriors/Druids do most of the work / spend most idols LMAO Your experience is tanks and Druids use most idols ? I won't even comment on the "do most work" bit . In my experience it's the dps , specifically rogues who use the most idols , and honestly it's not even by a close m...

Re: Message to all otm and beta testers.

Not sure why you named beta testers. They are testers, that's means they test the game, not change it. Sometimes Admin listens to testers, sometimes he doesn't. Testers don't really have that much influence. I'm not against a target lock. After all, warriors/Druids do most of the work / spend most i...

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