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Re: Market section (Crom)

S> Silver dagger of venom, 140k
S> Sunburst quartz robe (druid), 30k
S> Sunburst quartz wristguards (druid), 7k
S> Sunburst quartz leggings (druid), 25k
S> Skygem quartz icon (druid), 20k

pm if interested. I prefer gold but will consider other reasonable offers.

--Penelope :)

Re: Market section (Crom)

I'm looking at vendor right now (Scavenger, in OW). Silver dagger of venom is 2nd from bottom, 200k. Is this not correct? I had one other person tell me it's 150k, but that is the price for bronze. I'm really not trying to trick anyone, sorry if it came off that way. Edit: Here's a link to Danny Sch...

Re: Market section (Crom)

S> Silver dagger of venom, 145k (sells for 200k at vendor)

pm me in game, Penelope lvl 80 druid in light blue. I'm usually in SV or OW. A friend is using the dagger right now; let me know if you're interested and I'll get it so we can deal. :)

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