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Re: Thanks all

Your clan may have a quantity of people but our clan has quality . The highest level that showed up to help you was not even 120, and the rest were barely over 100, if at all, whereas all of us were 130+. Also, be happy you were able to ks ragnor this time; next time, you won't be so lucky. First o...

Re: Thanks all

I have told talked to them and the insults will stop, arena however is arena, i cant stop players from doing pvp, specially not me being me. Im trying hard here dude, take a chill pill and lets move on You keep posting ss and comments on threads that really make me mad, chill for a minute. The poin...

Re: Rosmerta truce

Nimbin2 wrote:+1
Bro im always at your side!
and i totaly agree with your points.

I love how you posted this right after you repeatedly killed me until I left the arena..

Re: Thanks all

Guys, everyone, please chill. Lets take the friendly road, we have fought enough. I for one do love pvp but lets change focus for now and look at the opportunity we have to start something good. Lets move on. As of the gear, you are right, we dont have enough to gear everyone with frozen at once, t...

Re: Thanks all

If i remmeber right your comments of solarsuns suck and other posts youve made fit in the "if you have nothing good to say, keep it to yourself" thing also, and yet you said them. We must also remember not to mix opinions with facts.. I'm impressed. This whole time you made me believe tha...

Question about dropped items

If you drop an item or multiple items say, a few months ago, and you're now regretting it as it was just for inventory space at the time and now you bought backpack expansions.. Is it possible to get them back? I sent a ticket asking a week or two ago asking and no reply.. (It was warden and I got s...

Re: Dear inpersonator scammer

brian777 wrote:
The other ranger wrote:was warrior also banned?

Hopefully, otherwise the problem hasnt been completly solved, but i think OTM is pretty thourgh when they decide to get something done.

Don't you mean if they decide to get something done..

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