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Re: Connection and Platin Issue

Will try another step: Installing CH in my iPhone and try to fix the Transaction there with Same Apple id Call me a genious :P This worked for me! (But my Platin still is Not there) 1) make sure u have a Second device (iPad, iPhone etc) 2) Log Out Apple id on both devices 3a) Download Game on 2nd d...

Re: Connection and Platin Issue

Thx for your fast reply. I Tried your suggested steps Tool, but it did Not work. I also Tried additional steps: - i know, that the Platin transaction has to be completed on the device from which it was started - although i dont have the Game on my iPhone, i Tried to Log Out the Apple id additionaly ...

Re: Can not log in

Same problem here! - bought platin the 1st time - can not connect anymore - i can log in, but don't see my character - if i hit "continue" in login-screen, it says "server no response, pls try again later" - i cant create a new character on other realms/worlds - in the world sele...

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