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Re: Hello from Taranis :)

Rogue216 wrote:
xvanguardx wrote:I'm getting tired of people thinking them is just another middle clan -_______- also manetheren is new but growing pretty quick. But I'm still them... THEM FTW

Damn i forgot you ap! Along with many others..

I feel left out :p

Re: Rangers too weak?

I used to play a ranger back in v3 on danu before I later moved to Taranis for reasons I won't state here and considered the ranger to be a pretty nice class. Even now in v4 rangers are still op. What you have to understand is that unlike rogues or tanks, rangers CAN solo without using pots or team...

Re: Rangers under powered?

I am a level 143 ranger. I get killed by levels below 100 in pvp. I have switched from a dex to a strength build to see if anything changes. Nope. I still get hammered in pvp by people 40+ levels lower. Rangers used to be stronger until upgrade. I am under the impression they lowered out dps while ...

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