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Re: Gray's Trading post

Tauricus, Rouge wrote:I have combos That I most likely won't use due to overabundance of other hero lixes. If you want, I'll sell them to you.

Sorry didn't look at this until now. Could I buy two combos? If you're fine with mailing I could mail you the gold first.

Training partner

I've been outleveled by pretty much everyone I know, so I can't seem to find a training partner/group. I'm almost 115, so preferrably someone/people 113-116 to train with would make training much easier and less monotonous.
I also need some knows/combos if anyone feels like selling me some :p

Tentative return?

Well I think I'm going to play more regularly again, but during my short hiatus it seems my favorite clan has fallen apart, friends have quit, and former friends are at each other's throats. I have no idea what happened as of now, but can you please just play a damn game without getting all worked u...

Re: Gwydion News!

There are the kids: "Look at me I'm so cool!"
There are the adults: "I'm so doing wheelies done with these kids"
There are the teenagers: "This is stupid I need to study for Chemistry"

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