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Re: Active?

Idk about the situation here compared to other worlds, but I'd say Gwydion is fairly active. It depends what time you're on though, late nights and weekends are busier because of people having work. There's active clans at most points in the game too which is nice. There's MuTiNy, Godlike, and TheCo...

Solo Leveling Early Midgame Ranger

So I've just kinda come back from a long hiatus, I'm level 116 and pretty much everyone I know has long since leveled past me. Any help on solo leveling would be appreciated, including cost estimates, leveling areas/mobs, and build. My current build is a switching build, that can go from bow to knuc...

Hi Hey There Hello

I'll be playing kinda regularly I think now that it's summer break and I'm used to working and the musical I'm in is almost over. Leveling still sucks as I've just rediscovered so uh if you need a healing ranger in your group I'm your guy!

Re: I'm back

Rogue216 wrote:Lol thought you should know that. Let's make this server great!lol came back with a different attitude/perspective of this game so it should be more enjoyable

omg same

Re: Why Clan Them?

Shame to come back to the same and see clan them gone :( I was hoping to join up upon my return! You and I are in the same boat. I guess I knew things were changing and that was one of the reasons behind my extended absence. So where has everyone gone? I guess I probably don't even meet the level r...

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