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Re: The best druid DPS build

Full Doch Set(dg aura must) Void skull of lightning strike EDL offhand Godly agnestral carcanet(drake neck) Godly silverweb earth charm Godly necral storm touch band Godly sierra brace(foc nat touch) 1 Godly corruption ring 2 Godly gele strike rings 1 Godly gele storm ring Anything deviating from t...

Re: The best druid DPS build

For me, the best DPS build is what gives our clan the best DPS. I don't care too much about getting kills (though it is fun, who am I kidding?) if it means the group as a whole is worse. That means being able to keep a DPS group alive while adding DPS myself. My ideal setup would be an upgraded vers...

Re: Some questions regarding druid

1. Don't worry about it too much until you get to be a higher level. Buy some Charstone rings if you die too quickly. 2. The vast majority of your damage will come from your skills, your other gear should maximize that through adding focus or skill points. 3. Rabbit, but I would collect tokens via b...

Re: Soloing

Somber nailed it. I'll only add that it's super important to maximize points in your damage skills. IIRC, there is something like a 10% damage different between 49/50 storm touch and 50/50.

Re: Sinful Sale

I'm interested in your Mighty frostiron of thawing, Icecrystal Pendant of the Storm Eye, and anything else you have that would be useful for a 110-130 mage.

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