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Re: Mount/Pet

Depends on your role and other gear, but elk and rabbit is probably the best all-around combo. The wolf's dex is useful if you use wind or solo, and the eagle is only likely to benefit you if you're a melee druid. Dps casters use too much energy. If I'm healing also, hero energy lex and spamming my ...

Re: Calm

I use it to get mobs off me (Hotswapp one of the old +10 charms and an aggy ring) which happens a lot since I'm hybrid.

Re: Gelebron Kill

DarkDruid67-Taranis wrote:
Agent K wrote:
DarkDruid67-Taranis wrote:Out of curiosity - has any Druid out there gotten kill on Gelebron? If not, has anyone tried?

It will never happen

Believe I just got the first ever Druid Gele kill today :P

It did happen!

Surely you have screenshots...

Re: A Sad Fact

We should make a wishlist thread and poll. We can gather all the continued request. I imagine some of the requests may not be implemented for a variety of reasons. One could be what we call "technical debt". Depending on how the backend was built out over 6 years ago, there may be some li...

Re: A Sad Fact

Aileron, who may have sounded negative most times, actually gave great feedback with evidence to back up his reasons AND alternative choices that could possibly help the situation. After over two years of that, and him noticeably growing more and more tired with his efforts, it seems he's finally h...

Re: Ring bosses with 3 toons

Somber my dps set up is: - Void mordy attack focus helm - Full edl - x2 godly totem rings dex vit - x2 spider Imp lighting - lux bracer (L) 80 cold damage/100 str I think those are the stats? - Lux bracer (R) 100 heat damage (bracers sometimes ill switch out depending how hard the 5 star hits using...

Re: Ring bosses with 3 toons

lmao... One of you druids needs to show this to me next beta when I have my dps gear... I have never lost a heli kill to a druid except one where I was dual logged and forgot to attune.... Either my worlds druids have no idea how to DPS or your mages don't have great gear... idk but I need to see w...

Re: The best druid DPS build

Full Doch Set(dg aura must) Void skull of lightning strike EDL offhand Godly agnestral carcanet(drake neck) Godly silverweb earth charm Godly necral storm touch band Godly sierra brace(foc nat touch) 1 Godly corruption ring 2 Godly gele strike rings 1 Godly gele storm ring Anything deviating from t...

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