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Re: Beta Druids - I am DISAPPOINTED!

Big +1 Semantic argument... What does it matter if it's actually the game engine? Sigils don't work in the very situation for which they were purchased. Imagine what would happen if, post update, Rogues were suddenly only able to attack for 3-4 mintues before they have to sit out and regen. The whol...

Re: Hi

"I know it has bad rep, but soon that will change."

"It", the account you purchased, doesn't have a bad reputation. You do.

A new trick for scammers?

A well known scammer has impersonated our clan name (MultumInPavro) by changing the l in Multum to a capital i. In game, it's almost impossible to distinguish between the two. He may not be breaking any rules in doing so, but he is undoubtedly using our reputation to scam other players. What can we ...


Deepfall Diamond Jerkin (Rogue) Chromos Diamond Breeches (Rogue) Battlemist Diamond Robe (Druid) Heroic Amulet of Rejuvination Heroic Gloves Heroic Boots Golden Blade of Ice Royal Ring of Warcry Dagger of the Icelord Cruel Knife Greater Midsummer Willow Ring If it's still listed here, it's still for...

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