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Re: Warlord666

Wow....... Rude blackdiamond
Rly you need to shame
Scamming your own cousin

Get well soon warlord

Re: [FEEDBACK THREAD] iOS Destiny Engine & Yule (inc crashes

link32540 wrote:Dude please stop before a fight breaks out and just so u no u are cheating and u have admitted to it like serosully...... but for just bragging about it people like RESURGENCE make this game suck.

Btw nah got these 19 killians medal when res didnt killed me (before joined blaze)

Re: [FEEDBACK THREAD] iOS Destiny Engine & Yule (inc crashes

Nah i showed otm glitch(i done it accident then to be honest i had fun then i had plan to do killian without res iills me i heard it against rule but ill respect it but ill report you coman etc too i got ss:) )and you teached it now everyone .... Look you told now everyone how it works so if anyoen ...

Re: [FEEDBACK THREAD] iOS Destiny Engine & Yule (inc crashes

Aggragoth150, plz, you know what is wrong with what youre doing. Do your lvl 150 something rogue need killain? So why did u kill it off with ur rogue behind the wall glitch? -_- Anyways, OTM. Shaddowstriking in is one way, but all classes can get in, and the wall glitch dont apply only to the arena...

Re: [FEEDBACK THREAD] iOS Destiny Engine & Yule (inc crashes

Sorry admin, i havent tried the glitch, but when i went to arena a character named damness and aggragoth is inside the wall and attacking us from the wall. And he is teaching other people to do it in arena. A clanny of mine posted this pix. Wow gabee stop lie i just went to the arena wall to kill m...

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