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Re: Selling Frostguard, Spidersilk, Glenmor, Ardmair Fashion

Executive .-. Du opfer ich lixe eh nie Hab nur 33x gelixt bei aggy(vielleicht auch bisschen mehr oder weniger) Hab aufgehort zu lvln seit ich 183 bin Ich mache nur killian und xp bosse Opfer._. alter des lix waster kennste nichmehr? damals waren wir mit deinem scheiss ranger lvln dann warste immer ...

Re: A little about

I need to do some marketing for my clan too. When u come to Arawn, take a deep breath. And you will Smell Resurgence as the best clan. We are the only clan that can kill endgame bosses. We welcome good and serious players to join us. If u like to go cry mama, then Res is probably not the clan for u...

Re: A little about

I haven't been on any other servers thus far. Arawn is in my nature the one and only world fit for me. If you have already experienced a life in another world, I'm sure you will grow homesick soon enough (I know this because I have tried moving to Belenus). Anyways, the world of Arawn has always be...

Re: Anybody

Spanks who is your main._. In arawn
Lemme buy black hunter set btw ill pay more._.

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