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Re: Radiant Nature's Masks

Oh it's random alright. I actually just finished collecting all radiant masks this week. So excited, spent nearly 5m in gold buying spirits, had my own distributers lol. But, I had got over 600 red natures masks and didn't get a radiant, at first i thought it was broken. Never did get a red one, had...

Re: 500 Chests!

Thanks for the feedback guys! Glad you enjoyed it! I'll add a list of all the music tracks and artists below! Second Part rendering now! And sorry Sasuke and GhostLord, I don't know why YouTube blocked my video on your platform. Also in reply to kingBall, I used two applications for this video, the ...

Re: 500 Chests!

Levyy wrote:I heard you want one of my white lughs on rose DeadShadows.

You have one on Mabon? Looking for one on this server, but will pay 100 chests on any server for one.

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