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Re: Update on EternalPeace.

I understand you two may have missed the main point behind this post, alas, I forgive both of you. Unfortunately, some players on Sulis wish to act more like their IQs rather than their age. I won't judge though, everyone has their opinions, beliefs and try to make themselves feel better by missing ...

Re: Well I got robbed.

Y'all are thinking too much in the box.. A potato in the exhaust is so unique that it's original.. Be basic and slash his tires or cut his brake lines.. Maybe even put power steering fluid where his brake fluid should go.. Sorry.. I deal with a lot of idiots in my auto mechanics class.. Unfortunatel...

Re: Worth posting about?

Rarebosses are always worth posting, but post a weekafter the kill or some assortment of days. Rare bosses are easy to time. My clan on Sulis has killed that boss every time since 2015 started

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